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Our innovative power lies in a strong mix of efficient process and product research and development, use of novel technologies, flexible intellectual property strategies and lifelong collaborations. 


Product innovation

Innovation is a primary source of competitive advantage for companies in essentially all industries and environments. Today, our customers and the society at large are more than ever looking for innovative solutions.

Product innovation helps us to identify gaps and create new spaces. Our purpose it to create competitive, safe and high performance products that can hold enduring leading positions in highly regulated markets. We do that by applying data-driven market research and by using intellectual property strategically to protect your product from any patent violations. 

In addition, proprietary products are a natural fit for us. We are creative and innovative and are always looking for better ways to leverage science to meet the market needs. Overall, we have invested over 5 million euro in the development of proprietary products for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and nutraceutical markets.

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Technological innovation

From the moment we conceive an idea to the moment we manufacture and register your product, we use creativity to translate technologies into improved processes, activities and understanding.

We use new and emergent technologies as a means to address processing, operational and organisational complexities, resolve constraints and discover new functionalities and novel applications for our existing products.

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