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We help you produce safer, 
sustainable and high performance products that meet the needs of your own final customers and can hold enduring leading positions in high-growth markets.

Research & Development

Process R&D

Chemical process research and development is our core business. Our goal is to find the best solution to improve yields and the overall quality of your product, while minimising material and production costs.

From the outset, we jointly identify the key constraints of your current process and product. We then resolve these constraints by delivering high-value, cost-effective and non-infringing solutions. Alternatively, we will devise new concepts, employ novel methodologies and implement upcoming enabling technologies to re-design and optimise the process to arrive at your exact product.


Besides chemical synthesis, we also focus on biotechnology. Driven by our dedication and social responsibility to promote innovative strategies, we are working on green processes that propose a more economical and sustainable alternative to multistep classical chemical routes. 

We are currently exploring enzymatic oxidations and hydroxylations. We have developed a biocatalytic route that offers a simplified (i.e. one-pot) synthesis solution for the development of 2,6 pyridine dimethanol high productivity and excellent space-time yields.

Process R&D

Analytical research, development and validation

We undertake full characterisation analysis to ensure the highest quality for the properties of your product.

We perform substance identification and develop quantitative analytical methods using various chromatography techniques. With our advanced equipment and sophisticated instrumentation, we are able to run classical, wet chemical methods and modern, instrumental methods to efficiently monitor and control key quality attributes.

In accordance with ICH guidelines, we develop and validate analytical methods which meet the strict quality requirements of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and enable registration and smooth commercialisation in major and highly regulated markets.

Analytical research

Technology transfer and scale-up

We develop chemical transformations to safe, robust, scalable and exactly reproducible manufacturing processes. We form strategies for optimal in-process control and deliver a full technical package to guarantee the seamless technology transfer of our methods and scale up of our processes to the required manufacturing scale.

Based on the operational aspects of the process and according to the specific requirements of your product, we evaluate and select the most appropriate manufacturing plan, from small production batches in the kilo lab of our R&D centre to multi-ton campaigns at the facilities of our broad network of partners in India and China.

Technology transfer and scale-up

The VIO Chemicals R&D centre

Our R&D centre, a powerhouse of science, is strategically located in Greece. That way, we are able to employ highly-educated scientists, who are motivated to thrive in an environment that stimulates innovation.

We also benefit from Europe’s high volume and quality of science, open collaborative ecosystem and regulated framework and strategy for the protection of Intellectual Property rights.

Furthermore, we are able to provide R&D services for as little as a fifth to a half of the cost that can be found elsewhere in Europe.


Our scientists

Our scientists are our greatest asset. With an output of more than 35 patent filings and 150 publications in novel and improved processes for chemical synthesis and analysis, our scientists continue to push boundaries.

They have strong individual academic backgrounds from major European Universities, solid post-doc experience in leading organic synthesis groups and seek to constantly excel their skills and knowledge by exploring new literature, attending training and exchanging scientific knowledge with multidisciplinary teams in academic institutions across the world.

Our scientists

Our facilities

Our R&D facilities are designed to innovate. The laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art organic synthesis, process and analytical equipment for greater process design flexibility, safety and performance. The instrumentation is operated under a strict maintenance and control schedule.

Our laboratories follow GMP requirements and meet quality assurance standards complying with ICH guidelines throughout all stage gates of development. The R&D centre is certified with ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and ISO 9001 for Quality Management System.

Our facilities