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A new bioprocess for the preparation of 2,6-Pyridine dimethanol promises reduced environmental footprint and high productivity


We are glad to announce our new biotechnology project, in collaboration with the ETH Zurich, that focuses on enzymatic oxidations in general and on hydroxylations, in particular.

Biotechnology plays an important role to sustainable growth, providing breakthrough products and novel technologies, by harnessing cellular and biomolecular processes.

At VIO Chemicals, we have always been driven by our dedication and social responsibility to promote innovative strategies and green processes. Therefore, we have developed a biocatalytic route that offers a simplified (i.e. one-pot) synthesis solution for the development of 2,6 pyridine dimethanol, a chemical precursor used for the production of a variety of metal complexes and catalysts, bio-based polymers, and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

We demonstrate a multigram one-pot biocatalytic synthesis from naturally occurring 2,6-lutidine, using hydroxylating enzymes as whole-cell biocatalysts, a procedure that alleviates certain operational challenges and eliminates issues associated with high-cell density fermentation.

Biotech one pot synthesis

As highlighted in the picture above, the enzymatic transformation simplifies the multi-step classical chemical route to a one pot reaction, offering high productivity and excellent space-time yields. Additionally, the biotech process proposes an economical and sustainable alternative by saving significant amounts of chemicals and solvents, while minimizing waste and manufacturing costs.