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VIO Chemicals celebrates the launch of its new branding and website

October 24, 2017
VIO Cemicals'rebranding

Today, VIO Chemicals has publicly launched its new branding and website, designed to emphasise the company’s competencies and aspirations and help widen its appeal and accessibility. The launch occurred at the CPhI Worldwide event in Frankfurt, Germany, the world’s leading pharmaceutical platform and meeting hotspot, where VIO Chemicals is currently exhibiting its latest products and services.

“With over 20 years of experience, our vision is to stay at the forefront of industrial leadership by fostering industrial excellence, conceiving and providing innovative solutions to some of the biggest markets worldwide,“ says Dimitris Kalias, CEO and Founder. “We place our customer at the centre of our activities, hence our new company motto “Our Science, Your Product”, which demonstrates our commitment and customer-centric approach in all our activities”, goes on Dimitris Kalias.

“We wanted a logo capable of conveying the notions of expertise, innovation and modernity. The new creation perfectly expresses the ability of VIO Chemicals to reinvent itself visually and communicate its passion for chemistry, without compromising the core values that brought it to become the company that it is today, a world leading provider in advanced chemistry” explains Maria Andrielou, leading marketing and communication for VIO Chemicals.

Dual focus

The VIO Chemicals’ new website features rich content, fresh artwork and user-friendly functions for optimal user experience. The content is organised across two main pillars, products and services. These two elements are now given a prominent position to enable easy access to the company’s main business portfolio and solutions.

VIO Chemicals’  over 350 ready-to-order products, ranging from intermediates for API synthesis and excipients to specialty chemicals and building blocks, are now presented in a much better, clear and organised way. A quick search tool by CAS number or product name has been provided for immediate search results.

Services are presented in four major categories, these are: 1) research and development, 2) manufacturing, 3) strategic sourcing and 4) integrated support and consultancy. One can now navigate through the company’s major business activities and find out valuable information about its competencies, approach, technologies and facilities.

The artwork is fresh, abstract and effortless, while the images are genuine and captured at the VIO Chemicals R&D centre in Greece and manufacturing facilities in China. The human element has become a major part of the new visual style, thus acknowledging the expertise of our people as our biggest asset.

The new VIO Chemicals branding and website were developed by Colibri, based in Thessaloniki, Greece, in collaboration with the VIO Chemicals team.

Press contact: Maria Andrielou, maria.andrielou@viochem.com,  tel.+30 2311 999960.