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VIO Chemicals opens new subsidiary in Greece

May 13, 2019
VIO Cheicals R&D 2

Zurich, 13 May 2019

VIO Chemicals, a science and technological innovation driven chemical company, announces that it has opened a new subsidiary in Greece, VIO Pharmaceuticals. The subsidiary will be responsible for marketing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and solely dedicated to serving end users and dealers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical companies are continuously reviewing their needs in the face of social, economic and scientific challenges. “VIO Chemicals is uniquely placed to serve the global pharma industry as a mature company with a proven track record in chemical process design, development, production and sourcing of cost competitive, high quality and highly marketable products”, said Dimitris Kalias, VIO Chemicals CEO and founder. “By moving our global operations for the supply of APIs to Greece, we are able to cut down on significant administrative costs and offer even better business deals to our customers”, added Kalias.

Alongside the operation of its state-of-the-art R&D centre for APIs in Thessaloniki, VIO Chemicals taps into local talent and resources for a second time, supporting them and reinforcing a growing trend: Thessaloniki’s broader region is the new European destination hotspot for foreign investment. “Thessaloniki offers a unique entrepreneurship ecosystem that embodies innovation and incentivises sustainable competitiveness to access global markets”, added Dimitris Kalias.

The subsidiary is located at the Thermi Business Incubator’s facilities, Building Thermi 1, Entrance 2, 47 Steliou Kazantzidi Str, GR 57001, Thessaloniki.

Besides its offices in Switzerland and Greece, the company has representation offices in China and India, and a broad network of sales agents, partners and suppliers in major European markets, as well as in Asia and the Americas.

About VIO Chemicals

VIO Chemicals AG is a science and technological innovation driven chemical company that creates complete solutions for leading industries, from idea to market. With core competencies in custom design, development and production of specialty chemicals, intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients, VIO Chemicals provides a full range of services to the world’s leading chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and nutraceutical companies. As a member of the Swiss National Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry, the company is committed to the principles of sustainable use of chemistry and to its social and ethical responsibilities in all its operations. VIO Chemicals AG has its headquarters in Zurich. It operates in 4 countries – Switzerland, Greece, China, India - and has sales agents in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

To learn more, please visit: www.viochemicals.com.