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VIO Chemicals AG China Plant Gears Up for GMP Production of Intermediates for APIs

April 24, 2014
manufacturing plant

The new GMP plant of VIO Chemicals AG at Binhai, China has passed the first two GMP audits and is now ramping up for production of custom intermediates for APIs.

Zurich, Switzerland, 24 April, 2014

After 8 months of construction works, VIO Chemicals’ China plant, which was upgraded to meet GMP production standards, has passed the first two audits of Chinese and German customers and is now gearing up for commercial production of intermediates for APIs.

VIO Chemicals AG invested $2M in the upgrade of the facility to GMP standards. The site now also features clean room and upgraded waste water treatment facilities.

“As quality standards are rising in earlier steps of the syntheses of pharmaceutical products, it is imperative to improve the production standards in Chinese facilities“, states VIO Chemicals AG CEO and founder, Dr. Dimitrios Kalias.

Xu Xiangrong, Head of Operations at VIO Organic Chemicals Ltd., VIO Chemicals AG Chinese operation, adds that “procurement of intermediates and APIs from lower-wage countries like China has become critical for many pharmaceutical companies to optimize their supply-chain and counter the cost pressures from healthcare systems and patent dearth. We are effectively an enabler for our customers to benefit from higher standards at a lower cost.”

About VIO Chemicals AG

VIO Chemicals AG focuses on the development, custom manufacturing and sourcing of chemical specialties and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Specializing in tailor-made solutions for chemical intermediates, VIO Chemicals offers a complete range of services from process research to production, quality control, and delivery of commercial lots. The procurement competence focuses on the strategic sourcing of intermediates and APIs and comprises GMP/EHS auditing and regulatory services. VIO Chemicals AG is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and has offices and production facilities in Nanjing and Binhai (Jiangsu province), China.