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Sodium starch glycolate is a partially cross-linked carboxy methyl starch, commonly used super-disintegrant, employed to promote rapid disintegration and dissolution of solid dosage forms. Starch glycolates are of rice, potato, wheat, or corn origin.


Sodium starch glycolate works by absorbing moisture and swelling in the presence of water, helping to disintegrate the tablet or capsule, and allowing the active ingredient to be released quickly and evenly.
It has been optimized for the source of starch, degree of cross-linking, and degree of substitution, resulting in rapid water uptake without the formation of a viscous gel that could impede water penetration into the tablet.


Sodium starch glycolate is used:
in pharmaceuticals, as a super disintegrant for tablet, granules, spansules, and capsules,
in direct-compression or wet-granulation processes,
✓ in combination with croscarmellose sodium,
✓ as a suspending vehicle,
✓ as a dissolution-enhancing agent.


✓ Achieves desired disintegration results at low usage levels (1-5%),
✓ acts effectively when used intra-granularly, as well as extra-granularly, or when divided between the two.

Chemical structure of Sodium starch glycolate

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