Entragit™ - Methacrylic Acid co-Polymers NEW!

Entragit methacrylic acid co-polymers are excipients that can improve the delivery and effectiveness of pharmaceutical formulations.


As a film-forming agent, they can protect the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) from degradation by external factors such as moisture or light, while improving the overall stability of the formulation by providing a physical barrier around the API.

Additionally, methacrylic acid co-polymers can be used to control the release of the API, allowing for more precise dosing and improved effectiveness. This can be particularly useful for drugs that need to be released slowly over time to be effective.

They are used in enteric coatings for fast dissolution in the upper bowel, to release drug in the intestine above pH 7.0., to insulate hygroscopiccores, and to isolate porous cores and incompatible ingredients.

Commercially, they are available as aqueous dispersions, organic solutions, granules, and powders.



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