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An uninterrupted supply

Our priority is to secure an uninterrupted product supply for your business. With over 15 years presence in the Chinese market, we have established strong ties with a reliable network of producers in the area.

Moreover, we have acquired excellent knowledge of the local regulations, which gives us a competitive advantage when screening and assessing our suppliers for quality, environmental, safety and regulatory compliance. High-quality, reliable supply, competitive pricing, regulatory compliance and fast delivery of your product are vital components of our sourcing strategy.

An uninterrupted supply

Increase your profit margins

At our local representative office in Nanjing, our experienced procurement team will utilise all their resources to find the best-fit portfolio for your needs and help you to retain your market position and increase your profit margins in today’s uncertain environment.

Our office is certified with ISO 9001 for Quality Management System.

Increase your profit margins

Strategic sourcing solutions suite

When you come to us for your sourcing solutions we offer you all of the following:

  • A local strong procurement team of 8 people
  • Market knowledge and price benchmark
  • Supplier screening, evaluation and risk assessment
  • HSE evaluation and GMP monitoring
  • Quality assurance and monitoring
  • Complete logistic services
  • Complementary consulting and regulatory services
Strategic sourcing solutions suite

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