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Unlock the full value of your product

We turn challenges into market opportunities. By working in close partnership, we can anticipate your needs, devise new concepts and deliver innovative chemical solutions that help you respond to constantly evolving challenges and keep up with the biggest trends.

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Unlock the full value of your product

Research & development

Our talented team of 35 organic and analytical chemistry scientists will work with you to create new synthetic routes and help optimise or re-design your process to develop cost competitive, high-quality and highly-marketable products.


With our vast network of partners in China and India, we offer reliable, sustainable and flexible manufacturing solutions at any production scale.

Strategic Sourcing

With our long-term collaborations and extensive networks we offer a comprehensive range of procurement and supply chain solutions for your catalogue, custom-manufactured and proprietary products.

Integrated Support and Consultancy

We offer comprehensive intelligence and support to help you achieve dynamic compliance so that you can legitimately sell your product in any regulated market.

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