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VIO Chemicals celebrates its 20th Anniversary

June 7, 2021
VIO Chemicals celebrates its 20th anniversary

VIO Chemicals celebrates its 20th Anniversary, a significant milestone that marks an outstanding journey alongside our team members, customers, and partners. It has been a story of growth and inspiration and we are delighted to share with you our key success factors and our vision for the future.

Our story in a few words

Watch the video below for a short narration of the most important milestones in our 20 years history.

Our Key Success Factors

What are the key ingredients behind our successful story and what are the factors that motivate us to always push our boundaries?

20 years of inspired chemistry
It’s all about science and creativity

During every step of the way, we were driven by our passion for chemistry and innovation to create value-adding products that have a positive impact to our society and the environment and will help our customers grow profitably.

20 years of working together
It’s all about great collaborations

Working together with team members, customers, partners, universities, and institutions has always been essential for our continuous improvement and progress.

We have forged long-term collaborations with some of the world’s leading institutions and established joint ventures with top-notch industry partners at all stages of product development to ensure highest quality standards for our customers.

It’s all about experience
20 years of broad knowledge and expertise

After 20 years of working with dedication to create innovative solutions that will best meet your specific needs, we have gained extensive experience and developed a comprehensive approach for all production segments, from chemical process design to products that can hold enduring leading positions in high-growth markets.

Our vision for the future

It’s all about commitment
Always dedicated to innovative and high-performance solutions for our customers

"From the moment we first started VIO Chemicals in Zurich, until now, 20 years later, we have always been dedicated to the highest level of quality in everything that we do. This is our commitment for the future. We will continue all the great work, with passion and responsibility, always rising to meet tomorrow’s challenges. It has been truly a remarkable journey alongside our people, team members, customers and partners and we look forward to continuing our path together’’ said the CEO and founder of VIO Chemicals, Dimitris Kalias.